Mothers Day Matcha Box with Tea Gift Set

What a Wonderful way to show her that you care, by giving her this set that will teach her how to prepare and enjoy real true Japanese Matcha.

Each piece is painstakingly hand made and the Matcha here is so very good,
I purchased this set for myself last month and I can vow for the quality of this set.
The matcha has a delicate yet full bodied flavor that is unique to this grade of Japanese Green Tea.
I especially enjoy the hand made/hand signed matcha cup, which fits perfectly
in my hand, it is made of thickly glazed stoneware, and each one is a original piece of artwork, no two are ever alike.
The tools are of note also, both the Tea scoop and Matcha Wisk are well constructed from Bamboo and will last a lifetime of tea ceremonies at your house...
I have enjoyed my set daily for over a month now and still have alot of matcha powder left.

All of these reasons are why I am offering this high end Japanese Tea Ceremony Matcha Set for your
Mother on her Special Day,
It is one gift worthy of her and all she has done for you.

About this Japanese Tea Company
Ippodo Tea Company The origin of Ippodo dates back to 1717, when founder Ihei Watanabe established a tea shop called OMIYA at Teramachi Nijo, close to the Imperial Palace in Kyoto.

The Ippodo Tea Company has been providing the highest quality Japanese green tea for 3 centuries. The name Ippodo was given by Prince Yamashina and translates to mean "perserve one." It was his wish that Ippodo preserve their existing rich taste of their tea and always produce only the highest quality.

P.S. if you would like me to add a special note, just let me know and its done for you at no extra cost.

Be sure to place your orders by Sunday March 4th to ensure delivery by Mother's Day!
Click here to place your order now..

Domo Arigato
georgia sakura
Sushi & Japanese Market
Well hello again!
I am happy to finally have some time to sit with a cup of Matcha Japanese Green Tea, and have a chat, I have to admit I have been extremely busy as of late, but I'm loving every minute of it,
the reason I have been missing in action is that I have been developing my second business venture, which has had me delving into the eastern cultures, researching, learning & tasting,
hunting for the perfection I seek for this project.
I am also hand coding the entire site, which is quite a task, fun and involved, it really keeps my creative right brain happy.
For the past month, I handed over Sushi & Japanese Market to E. Yomochi - my sushi chef extraordinaire partner, to run.
He has been doing a superb job, even though he is doing sushi full time, taking care of orders and
running the show.
I will be back helping out here and there, especially with customer communications, because that's the funnest part for me, as well as getting your orders all packaged up with little surprises and such...

Specials and Deals

This week only I am running an auction on eBay for a Japanese Tamagoyaki Pan
The construction on these pans are outstanding, made for everyday use in authentic Japanese and Sushi Restaurants, we get them imported directly from a long standing maker in Japan.
They usually sell for $123.00, the auction is starting at $80.00, with a buy it now for $99.00,
Our Tamago pans body is made out of real copper and handle from smooth wood.
This is really the only time you will have the chance to score such a premium high quality Japanese tool at this price....
Here is a link for the action ending May-03-08 23:22:12 PDT (7 days)
Tamagoyaki Ki Copper Md -8 1/2" Japanese Tamago Pan

Well, Thanks for stopping by.
I value your readership and would like to offer you a gift certificate coupon good for
$5.00 Off your next order of $50.00 or more with us.
As a Preferred Customer - enjoy your discount until May 17,2008
All you have to do is enter Coupon Code:april in the Coupon Box at the end of your next check out. If you would like to use it for the Tamago pan on eBay, just email me and I will adjust the invoice for you.
I am happy to help you with any questions, special requests, or comments that you may have, at any time, or stop by our forum and post a comment there or here, your opinion matters to us, and we have lots of tips and tricks to share for sushi, just ask :)...
Best Wishes for a great week!
georgia sakura

Hello and Welcome,
I hope your weekend was a great one, I have been super busy with new site features,
and adding new Sushi & Japanese Market products...

Sushi & Japanese Market's Charity Auction- to Benefit The Ocean Project

I am happy to announce a Charity Auction that I am running for 10 Days on Ebay,
I am Auctioning off a Professional Quality Basic Sushi Kit -
Which contains a 9" Bamboo Shamoji & a 9 1/2"x 9 1/2" Bamboo Sushi Makisu
All Proceeds will go to benefit:

The Ocean Project
Helping inspire and educate for an appreciation of the interconnectedness of life and how each person can help conserve our ocean planet, for now and the future.

I encourage all of you to come and bid on this
Sushi & Japanese Market Charity Sushi Kit Auction.

Also, I have just added a Sushi forum to our ever growing
Sushi & Japanese Market Website,
I formally invite all of you to come and share all of your passion for Sushi and Japanese food in our new community Sushi Forum, I would really love to hear from you, and get to know you better!

Our Newest Items:

You can get more detailed information, sizes, descriptions and purchase them here:
Professional Sushi Chef Coats
Japanese Headwear
Japanese Footwear

Thank You for hanging out here and for all your positive feedback you have sent our way, You can sign up for our RSS feeds to get automatic updates, as they happen.

Hope your week is a happy and healthy one.
Domo Arigato!
Sushi & Japanese Market
Thanks for joining me, the beginning of this week has been a busy one here at
Sushi & Japanese Market,
here is a run down of the most current happenings:

This Monday (2-4-08), I sent out our February Newsletter, and It's response has been great! You can view it via our
Newsletter Signup page.
This months feature is Japanese Noodles!
With explanations of the most common, Soba, Udon, Ramen, Somen and Okinawan Soba.

At the storefront
To accompany this months theme, I have also found and added a whole bunch of
Japanese Noodles
Japanese Soba - Buckwheat & Cha(green tea)Soba

Japanese Udon - Thick White Round Noodle
Japanese Somen - Very Thin usually white
Japanese Noodle Servers
Maru Zaru Soba Servers - Square and Round Shaped Zaru

Zaru sets - Unique, Stylish sets, with compartments for all of your different toppings and a bachi dipping bowl for your Tsuyu sauce.
Bamboo Zaru - Totally Natural bamboo Zaru, hand made.
Bachi - Japanese dipping Bowls, made for dipping our noodles into your sauce.
Japanese Ceramic Donburi - Noodle Bowls
Classic Japanese Ceramic Donburi - Quite nice selection of different styles
Futa Donburi - Ceramic Noodle Bowls with Matching Lids
Japanese Noodle Toppings - Goma, Beni Shoga, Nori..
Japanese Noodle Bases - Premium Pre made Stocks, and Noodle Soup Bases

New to Japanese Noodles

The best and easiest way to get started with trying Japanese Noodles, and using the cool servers, soup bases and toppings, is with a kit.
I have put together :

The Japanese Noodle Sampler

This is a great way to get started sampling three of the most popular Japanese Noodles:

Soba, Cha Soba and Udon.
This is a complete set, it allows you to make both Soba and Udon either hot or cold, and present it in a truly Authentic Japanese manner, with a Bamboo Zaru and a Dipping Bowl(Bachi) for the Tsuyu.
Also in the set are three basic noodle toppings: Roasted Sesame Seeds - Goma, Nori Flakes and Beni Shoga - Red Pickled Ginger Sticks. All you would need optionally would be Negi(finely cut green onions). I've even added four pairs of wooden chopsticks to complete this great set. I have given you three different types of Japanese Noodles:

Traditional buckwheat soba
Cha soba - Green tea powder and buckwheat flour
Traditional Udon Noodles

The Tsuyu is made by Yamasa, which has been making soy and other sauces since 1645, and here has made a superior premixed Japanese Noodle Base - Kanto style Udon/Soba soup base, makes it super easy, just warm or chill it and serve into your bachi bowls(provided) for either Soba or Udon, it works for all three... After cooking your noodles simply drain and place on top of your bamboo zaru's, then top with your desired choice of any combination of the three toppings provided in this kit.

That's it, It is truly one of the quickest meals you can prepare, and nothing compares to the taste of each of these unique Japanese Noodles.
I've provided enough ingredients to last you through several full Japanese Noodle meals, And the tools you can use again and again...

The Japanese Noodle Sampler Kit contains:

1 - Kanto Style Tsuyu, Soba/Udon Noodle Soup Base - 1.8 liter
1 - Sigeno Ajisen zaru Soba - Japanese Buckwheat Noodles, three bundles each individually wrapped with ribbon - 12.70 oz. Package
1 - Sigeno Ajisen Zaru Udon - Japanese Udon Noodles, three bundles each individually wrapped with green ribbon - 10.58 oz. Package
1- Istuki Inaka Cha Soba - Japanese Green Tea and Buckwheat Soba Noodles, Premium Green Tea's health and taste benefits add to the already healthy soba noodle, for an absolute treat! - 7.05 oz Package.
1 - Beni Shoga Ginger - Japanese Pickled Ginger - 5oz. Glass Bottle
1- Roasted Sesame Seeds Goma - White Roasted In a convenient Shaker Container - 8.5 oz
1 - Ao Noriko - Japanese Nori (seaweed) Flakes - .24 oz. Glass Bottle
4 - Soba Zaru Maru Large - Natural Bamboo Noodle Servers - Our Soba Zaru Maru is the most natural and simplest way to authentically serve Japanese noodles.Hand Made entirely out of Bamboo, the earthy colors really set off the wholesomeness of your choice of Japanese Noodles.It's Inner Zaru is removable for care taking.What a wonderful way to enjoy your favorite Soba! - 8 5/8" dia.
4 pairs - Wajima Nurihashi - Japanese Wooden Chopsticks
4 - Fuka Bachi Kuro Shiro Hakeme - Japanese Ceramic Noodle Tsuyu Dipping Bowl - This is a low profile, round saucer like piece of Japanese Pottery, It features a dark Brownish black matte color, with a cream white glazing accent on inner bottom of bowl. A set of four Bachi's - 3 1/2" dia.
The Japanese Noodle Sampler - 19 pieces - 4 Full Individual Place Settings.

You can follow this link to , where you can safely purchase this fabulous kit and browse all of the unique Japanese foods, sushi tools and accessories and all the Noodle Features as mentioned above.

Please email me with any suggestions for products you'd like to see in the store, newsletter suggestions, or just to say hi, I value your feedback and genuinely encourage your comments.

Thanks for stopping by,

Have a Great Day!

Sushi & Japanese Market